Premiere of Episode 1

This entry was first posted on my old blog page, on September 25 2014.

Pffew I breathe again! Sort of…

The premiere of the first episode of my documentary has just been broadcasted in my lab. This was a hugely stressful experience for me, as I cringed at every saturated sound, every mispronounced word and every non-smooth transition… Especially, when after a few minutes, I noticed the 1-second delay between image and sound!


How is the audience reacting? Are they disappointed? Are they bored? Are they confused?


It’s still too early for me to say as I haven’t talked to them all. So far… it’s okay. There hasn’t been any harsh remark, and people are noticing the huge amount of work I’ve put in this project. But I fear that they’re just being nice…

But many more criticisms are about to come. For sure, I still have a lot of work to do. Never mind about that for now. Right now, I’m just relieved this premiere is over!

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